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ABFT Belgium

The ABFT Belgium training program offered at KU Leuven provides a comprehensive curriculum focused on Attachment-Based Family Therapy (ABFT) throughout Belgium and the Netherlands. Founded in 2015 by Prof. Dr. Guy Bosmans and Dr. Tara Santens in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Guy Diamond and Dr. Suzanne Levy, ABFT Belgium was the first international ABFT training institute certified by the developers of ABFT. Currently, ABFT Belgium is the only ABFT International certified ABFT training institute within the BeNeLux region. Since its establishment, Karen Bauwens, Jasmijn Creten, Ludmilla Moons, Ilse Devacht, and Dr. Leen Van Vlierberghe have joined the ABFT Belgium team in providing specialized ABFT training in Dutch and French. Strongly grounded within scientific research through the affiliated Learn2Trust Lab, the ABFT Belgium training center provides an extensive program designed to equip mental health professionals with the knowledge and skills required to effectively apply ABFT principles in their clinical practice. Its curriculum includes an ABFT Introductory and Advanced Workshop, ABFT supervision, as well as Middle Childhood ABFT, a novel ABFT-based intervention aimed at school-aged children and their parents developed by Prof. Dr. Guy Bosmans and Dr. Leen Van Vlierberghe, and Attachment Based Care For Teams developed by Ilse Devacht.

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