ABFT LeveI I: Two-Part Introductory Workshop

ABFT training begins with an Introductory Workshop that is divided into two parts (formerly referred to as the 3-Day Introductory Workshop). We typically offer a public training live online for general enrollment twice a year in the spring and fall. We also work directly with organizations to offer private training for their staff throughout the year (online or in-person). As an alternative to live instruction, Part One is also offered as an asynchronous online course. Part Two can only be completed via live instruction from a Trainer.

Part One

Lecture and therapy tapes provide a brief overview of the entire model. This includes an overview of the theory, research and the clinical format/protocol of the therapy. Faculty review how attachment theory, emotional regulation and trauma resolution inform the delivery of this experiential treatment approach. We also review the goals and structure of the five treatment tasks that provide a road map for delivering this interpersonally focused psychotherapy effectively and rapidly.

Training Format Options for Part One of the Introductory Training:
Benefits of Part One of the Introductory Training:

By attending the Part One training, attendees will have a basic understanding of how to use attachment theory to guide family intervention. Attendees will also gain a general introduction to the task structure of the model.

Target Audience

The target audience for the Part One training is Case Workers, Counselors, Couple and Family Therapists, ER Physicians, Health Care Administrators, Frontline MH staff, Mental Health Professionals, Primary Care Physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurses, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, SAP Team members and Social Workers.

Part Two

Part Two builds on Part One and provides a more in-depth look at the procedures and process involved in facilitating ABFT. Case discussion, tape review and role-play deepen the participants understanding of the approach. Throughout Part Two, therapists are also taught how to use the ABFT adherence checklists.

Attendance is limited to 30 people (per Trainer) so that everyone can experience hands on attention from the Trainer.

Training Format Options for Part Two of the Introductory Training:
  • Two full day workshop conducted in-person or live online
  • Four half-day workshop conducted in-person or live online
  • Part Two training is NOT offered in a self-paced format as this portion of the introductory training requires hands on, live instruction from a Trainer
Benefits of Part Two of the Introductory Training:

Part Two provides a more in depth exposure to the scaffold of each task. We review extended clips of therapy tapes, talk about challenges and then role play the core elements of each task. This gives therapists a more practical sense of how to apply the model with at least moderately cooperative families. The goal is to learn to apply the basic structure, not to modify the model to more difficult or different kinds of families. That comes in supervision and the advanced training (Level II).

Target Audience

The target audience for the Part Two training is Counselors, Couple and Family Therapists, Mental Health Professionals, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurses, Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Social Workers.